McGill University Students Occupy Board of Governors Meeting


McGill University Students Occupy Board of Governors Meeting

MONTREAL, November 29 – On Tuesday afternoon, the McGill Board of Governors held a meeting at the James Administration Building.  A student protest, originally planned to be held in front of the main entrance, gathered outside the building.  The group then decided to enter the building in order to attend the regularly held open session portion of the meeting.  When the open session came to an end and the students were asked to leave the room, they refused to depart.  A five minute recess was called and the Board was unable to continue the meeting as planned.

The Board of Governors makes the final decision in all matters of governance at the University.  While Senate is nominally given say over matters of academic relevance, this is at the discretion of senior administrators who themselves are only accountable to the Board of Governors.  The Board of Governors is made up of only two student members (one undergraduate and one postgraduate), six faculty and staff members, several senior administrators and twelve members-at-large, who are drawn mainly from the upper echelons of the business community.

As students of McGill University we protest the role that the Board of Governors plays at this institution as a fundamentally unrepresentative and undemocratic body.  The members-at-large are not a part of the McGill campus community and are therefore inherently disconnected from the interests of students, faculty and staff.  We oppose the authority granted to the Board of Governors and seek a genuinely representative governing body, one that would adequately address the real balance of interests between workers, students, teaching, research, and Quebec society as a whole.

Press contact: Jaime MacLean
Phone: (514) 546-7077



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  1. With my full approval and in solidarity!

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